Solar Shades in Rochester

The Best Solar Shades in Rochester

After Many years working with different fabrics we decided to thoroughly exam the many fabric options we could offer our customer. We wanted to make sure we offered the strongest and most appealing available in the market. We wanted to make sure we could justify our choice with facts so our customers knew they got the best.

We chose Phifertex Plus; Here's Why

Phifertex Plus is woven entirely from PVC coated polyester yarns. When the fabric is being finished the PVC coating is actually re-melted slightly and then set again so every point where the fibers cross is fused together. This makes the fabric extremely dimensionally stable and leaves little bias stretch. This is important because when the fabric is stretched over your chair it won’t form pockets or sag. However, being covered completely in vinyl does give Phifertex Plus a distinctive look—less like a woven fabric and more like traditional vinyl.

Sunbrella Sling, on the other hand, combines Sunbrella acrylic fibers with PVC coated polyester and weaves the two fibers together. This gives Sunbrella Sling a softer look than Phifertex Plus, more like a traditional woven fabric. However, the acrylic fibers prevent Sunbrella Sling from being completely bonded together like Phifertex Plus making it less dimensionally stable. Over time, Sunbrella Sling could start to sag in an application. Sunbrella does provide a 5-year limited manufacturer’s warranty on Sunbrella Sling fabrics.


Solar Shades in Rochester

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