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8 mil Security Film

Get all the facts before installing security film

Some facts and myths:

1. MYTH:  There is no "bullet proof glass or window film". Film is designed to prevent entry into the space behind the glass. It will not stop high caliber rounds but it will keep the glass in place and prevent bodily entry

2. FACT: All major manufacturers produce thoroughly tested and equal in strength 8 mil security films. There is no advantage to Llumar, Armorcoat, Madico, 3M or otherwise. All manufacturers product as pass the same ASTM testing requirements.

3. MYTH: Security film will stop the glass from breaking. the same amount of force on a window with or without security film with break the glass. The film is designed to stop the glass from entering the space and also to keep the glass on the frame. An attachment system that bond the film to the frame is recommended for increased protection.

4 MYTH:  The greater the mil the greater the strength. Although there are films that are thicker and increase the strength they  become more difficult to professionally install and beware of companies claiming they have products that are 25 mil or thicker some of these films have never been tested.